On living this life

Determined to Refocus

I’m not good at being sad, but I’m really good at living this life.

But it wasn’t always that way.

I went on a road trip last weekend. It was one of those things that we discussed for a couple of weeks, but no real action was taken until a couple of days before the date we set. It was originally going to be a camping trip but the realization of the potential reality of no shower + porta potties quickly got that idea vetoed and we opted for a revised itinerary of hotel + restaurant hopping instead.

On this particular road trip, I realized that sadness was no longer a catalyst in my life. I am finding it more and more difficult to use what isn’t working out as motivation to achieve things. Just a year ago, it was too easy for me to zero in on what was…

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State of the Chris

Chris Does Anything


So life has been good. Today I earned my 15lbs lost badge on Fitbit. This based on from having my Aria scale for about a month now so the amount lost is from my highest weight I hit while having it 153 and I am now 137. Which is great and an all time low for my adult life. I keep repeating this because seriously I have been obese all of my adult life. That is kind of crazy to think about but it is true. The reality is I was obese all of my teenage years and a good portion of my youth. So now at 35 I am making the right changes to make that not the case. I am well on target for a personal goal I want to achieve before the end of this month. Then I have another for my birthday in November.

I was…

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Thankfulness in abundance

like a memory projector



Thank + full = brimming with gratitude


Thank + fullness = an abundance of gratefulness

I feel like that today. I feel like my cup of gratefulness is not just brimming on the rim but overflowing. There is more than enough. I feel rich in my thankfulness.

Some may feel overwhelmed by such an overpowering sense of appreciation. I don’t. I feel like giving the whole world a hug.

Life is good.

There is so much to be thankful for!

Imagine, just for a moment, if the opposite was true. A thankless world.

Thank + less = smaller, diminished, unappreciative, inconsiderate and ungrateful. Unthankful.


Unthankful = not be thankful? Given my mood I am amazed that unthankful is even a word. Especially considering everything there is to be thankful for.

I am so full of thanks, so full of gratitude, so full of fullness…

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